CNC lathe for baseball bat and pool cue making

2020-01-13 18:07:19

Advantage of the CNC lathe for baseball bat and pool cue making

First, the interface operation is simple; We use Richauto 4-axis control system, easy to operate and easy to learn. 

Second, the sample processing is fast; 

Third, it can turning smooth: We used a variable frequency speed regulating motor, the speed can be adjusted freely from 0-3800 rpm according to the processing needs. The long workpiece is equipped with a follower to ensure the stability of the workpiece during turning. 

Four; high efficiency. Generally, it takes about 1-2 minutes to process a stair column with a length of 80cm and a diameter of 4.8cm. The two-axis CNC lathe machined two columns in 1-2 minutes. 

Five, it has low processing costs Ordinary hand-held knives are operated by personnel with certain skills. Generally speaking, the salary of technicians is about three times higher than that of ordinary workers. CNC lathes can be operated by ordinary workers. 

Six, The machine is good stability; We used a high-performance control module, a stable and accurate cast iron bed, equipped with precision ball screws and high-quality high-power stepper motors. The timely and perfect after-sales service team guarantees the normal production of processing enterprises to a large extent.

CNC lathe for baseball bat and pool cue making

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