CNC lathe for making baseball bats

2019-11-16 15:04:03

CNC lathe for making baseball bats

What a CNC lathe machine can do?
Examples of objects that can be produced on lathe inclued screws, candlesticks, gun barrels, cue sticks, table legs, bowls, baseball bats, musical instruments ((especially woodwind instruments) and much more.

The cnc wood lathe here is an ideal machine for baseball bats making. Why? Please look at its mechanism, with two pieces of rotary and two wood-turning chisels for each rotary. Design of two knives, one for roughing, the other for finishing, makes the output double when compared with the one knife wood lathe machine; two pieces of rotary design enable the lathe to complete two baseball bats in one-time turning, which makes output double than one rotary lathe. So if we take this machine to compare with the one only with one rotary one chisel, the output of the former is four times that of the latter; if compare with the lathe having two rotary one knife, the output of former is two times that of latter.

Needless to say, it is a most productivity lathe for baseball bats jobs. If you are looking for a cnc wood lathe specially for making wooden baseball bats.
baseball bats cnc lathe

Whats the wood CNC lathe?
Woodworking lathes are the oldest variety. All other varieties are descended from these simple lathes. An adjustable horizontal metal rail – the tool rest – between the material and the operator accommodates the positioning of shaping tools, which are usually hand-held. After shaping, it is common practice to press and slide sandpaper against the still-spinning object to smooth the surface made with the metal shaping tools.
Many woodworking lathes can also be used for making bowls and plates. The bowl or plate needs only to be held at the bottom by one side of the lathe. It is usually attached to a metal face plate attached to the spindle. With many lathes, this operation happens on the left side of the headstock, where are no rails and therefore more clearance. In this configuration, the piece can be shaped inside and out. A specific curved tool rest may be used to support tools while shaping the inside. Further detail can be found on the woodturning page.

How long does it take to finish a baseball bat?
The simple, but frustrating answer – it depends. Factors including bat size, wood blank size, and lathe feeding rate can affect the time cost. While, we can make you have some idea on it by analyzation. Supposing the bat is 42” long, wood lathe feeding rate 42”/min (47”/min maximum), and one step down required to the job, it will need to take 1 minute to complete the wood-turning. And the lathe here can get 2 pieces from one time , so it takes 1 minute for you to get 2-piece bats. 

Some prime examples of finished items as a result of using CNC lathe machines include
► Baseball Bats
► Bowls
► Camshafts
► Crankshafts
► Cue sticks
► Dining Room Table and Chair Legs
► Gun Barrels
► Musical Instruments
baseball bats cnc wood lathebaseball bats cnc

Most Suitable CNC wood lathe for baseball bats
wood cnc lathe

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