Acrylic cutting co2 laser engraving and cutting machine

2019-04-27 17:42:11

  • Acrylic cutting Laser Engraving Machine Advantage:
  1. 1. The machine can quickly change the laser focal length, it has automatic origin setting function and standard industrial interface, it makes machine has powerful function and stable performance.
  2. 2. The control system uses the Ruida controller and the mechanical system performance is stable.
  3. 3. CO2 lasers with different powers can be equipped according to different needs, and the performance and price ratio are excellent.
  4. 4. Adopting the three-way reflection system and the linear guide rail structure to make the light knife run smoothly and the engraving/ cutting precision is high.
  5. 5. Microcomputer controlled laser machine operation, advantage is large processing width, fast speed, simple process and easy operation. ‚Äč
  • Acrylic cutting Laser Engraving Machine Precision and Requirement :
  1. 1. Acrylic laser cutting machines generally have limitations on the thickness of materials. The domestic laser tube power is generally below 400 watts and the processing material thickness is below 40 mm.
  2. 2. In a broad sense, the power of the laser tube determines the thickness of the processed material.
  3. 3. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or film cutting, then the wind can not be too small, otherwise it will catch fire.
  4. 4. When cutting plexiglass, the speed and light intensity must match well, not the slower the speed, the better the smoothness.
  5. 5. It is better to use imported high-power lasers for plexiglass of 15mm or more.
  6. 6. When plexiglass is engraved with a leaking air-jet cup, try not to grind it too deeply. It is difficult to reach the bottom flatness when the carving is too deep.
  7. 7. The larger the gas will affect the engraving edge effect. If you want to engrave more fine and clear, not too deep and blow stingy.
  • Acrylic cutting Laser Engraving Machine Application:
Specific applications include acrylic signs, plexiglass trophies, luminous characters, crystal characters, plexiglass display stands, transparent cases, packaging boxes and more.
  • Acrylic cutting Laser Engraving Machine Maintenance guide
In the use of acrylic laser cutting machine, in order to protect the safety, in order to produce efficiently, it is essential to maintain and maintain the daily safety of the equipment. The following describes the maintenance of important parts of the acrylic laser cutting machine. Doing the following work will have a good effect.

1. Fill the linear guide with lubricating oil. The laser cutting machine uses a period of time to cut the smoke and dust generated by the cutting of the rail, so it is necessary to regularly maintain the rail. Power off the laser cutting mechanism, clean it with a clean soft cloth guide rail, and then apply grease to the guide rail. After the oil is finished, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail to ensure that the lubricant enters the inside of the slider. After the oil is finished, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail. At this time, the guide rail must be installed first. Be careful not to fix the rail when installing the guide rail. Install the fixing nails all the way, keep the level, and fix the belt and the slider. Then install the lens and dim the X to go to the way.

2. Mirror and focus mirror wipe. After the laser cutting machine is used for a period of time, the smoke will adhere to the surface of the lens, affecting the cutting depth and affecting the cutting accuracy. Generally, three mirrors and one focusing mirror are carefully wiped off with absolute alcohol in a week or so.

3. The bearing is oiled. The laser cutting machine uses a large number of bearings. In order to ensure a good cutting effect, some bearings need to be refueled regularly. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the floating soil on the bearing, use a needle tube to draw the oil into the needle tube, and then slowly inject the bearing into the bearing with the needle. Slowly rotate the bearing while oiling.

4. Timing belt (belt) is tightly adjusted. There are several timing belts in the drive system of the laser cutting machine. If the timing belt is too loose, ghosting will occur. If the timing belt is too tight, the timing belt will wear. After using for a period of time, adjust the tensioning screws of the timing belt to adjust the timing belt to the tightness.

5, the maintenance of the laser tube. The laser tube in the acrylic laser cutting machine is cooled by circulating water. After long-term use, there will be some white scale in the tube. We can add a small amount of vinegar in the circulating water, remove the water in the tube, and then use the clean water. The water will clean the inside of the laser tube, so that the laser tube will be in the best working condition and the life will be extended.
  • Machine Samples:
acrylic cutting laser engraving cutting machine 1325acrylic cutting laser engraving cutting machine 1325acrylic cutting laser engraving cutting machine 1325
acrylic cutting laser engraving cutting machine 1325

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