cnc router eva foam

2018-05-13 08:43:42

cnc router eva foam

Cutting engraving Eva foam cnc router is the best choice.
We use our cnc router process eva foam the thickness is 52mm.

cnc router eva foam test feed and propose:
1. Hard eva foam,we suggestion cut the who sheet,not just a small piece.Not easy to deform, but easy to absorb and fix.

2. Use cnc router cutting eva foam must be formed by one knife.Can not cut second time.

3. Inner circle:Clockwise cutting,the inner circle will be very smooth.
    Outer circle:Counterclockwise cutting,the outer circle will be smooth.

4. How to choose the tools for cnc router eva foam?
diameter 8mm,can cut 50mm.
Choose the best brand tools in the world,china making tools maybe cause glitch,and not smooth.

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