large size 3axis Dynamic Co2 laser marking machine for invitation paper card

2018-11-26 10:51:58
large size 3axis Dynamic Co2 laser marking machine for invitation paper card 

3axis dynamic co2 laser marking machine features

with RF laser tube imported from America. The RF Co2 Laser can work in large power with high frequency and long operating life. It has 100W and 150W  200W power options.
◆Fully enclosed laser optic system doesn’t need adjustment and is maintenance-free.                                                             
◆Original imported metal RF laser enjoys the high power and good beam quality, stable power output and long lifetime(above 20k hours). 
◆ 3 axes laser scanning system has a compact structure, rugged dust-proof, precise, anti-interference. The system is designed to resolve galvanometer motor and drive plate heat issues, to ensure the stability of the system.                               
◆High-precision and high-speed laser marking/engraving/cutting, efficiency is 20% higher than other similar models.
◆The use of RF laser water-cooling method and dual beam expander lens allows the machine to have stable and extensive performance. 
◆USB interface bus has been adopted for the control card, which supports offline operation, a stepper motor with X, Y, Z and R axis (X, Y and Z axis linked.), support start-up and stopping marking by external control.    
◆Rotary worktable system is optional, thus, accomplish laser marking & engraving on the cambered & curved surface.
◆Strong graphics drawing and editing functions enable direct laser marking of color graphic or laser marking after color converts from RGB to grey scale. 
◆Support formula correction and Newton interpolation correction.

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