How to change language by laser marking machine?

2020-04-13 10:22:30

How to change language by laser marking machine?

--customer need software in their mother language, what we should do?
Laser marking machinepopular software is JCZ.
But original software only have below option:

If any customer want to change it to their mother language, what they should do? (For example:how to add russian language to Ezcad software)

translate thousand words in software Language program to russian,and add into current Language program, step guidance as below and video checking,
1.Finsh Language program translate to relative language
2.Find Ezcad software logo on desktop
3.Click on the The right mouse button
4.Open file location
5.Open the“Lang”folder
6.Copy the russian language to the “Land”foler
7.Open Ezcad software
8.Click systerm parameter icon in menu bar
9.language-choose russian
10.Close software
11.Open Ezcad software again
12.Software would be all russain


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