Shipping and unloading Hitec HTF3015GA Fiber Laser Cutter to POCO in Wyoming US

2019-12-10 16:27:45

Maybe you want to know how to unload cargo from a container with forklifts´╝č
The attached video included delivery of Hitec HTF3015GA 1kw IPG Fiber Laser Cutter to POCO in Wyoming.
Equipments arrives by two shipping containers,
Two forklifts are required to unload the tables;
A 5000kg forklift is required to unload the cutting table;
The telehandler makes is easy to unload the crates in the rear;
The 2nd container arrived the next day;
It took 90 minutes to unload the 40 foot container, 30 minutes to unload the 20 foot container.

And the following photo was the machine put into workshop:
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