40ft Container Plasma Cutter Shipping To Iraq

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40ft Container Plasma Cutter Shipping To Iraq
Plasma Cutter Cnc

Features Of Plasma Cutter 
1.The arc voltage height adjusting system dynamically varies the distance between the plasma
torch head and the surface of the flat tube during the cutting process, to provide optimum
2.Capable of cutting aluminum and stainless steel flue pipes at any complexed shapes from flat
metal sheet which are then rolled and welded before assembly.
3.The software can handle a wide range of tube patterns. It only needs to input several size of
the pipe, and it will form a expansion dwg  automatically.
4.Duct plasma cutting machine equipped with water jet on the plasma torch head, it protect torch head from
high temperature.
5.The CNC system software runs under Windows XP,with all operator information presented

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